Sunday, March 04, 2007

Do as I say not as I do.....

I put the picture in the exhibition, very slyly and quite embarrassed, we were ment to do an A3 board with statement etc...ok cool i can do that yes normally i'd relish the chance, but not when you only have 2 hours to do it and kids around your ankles.
Previously i'd been downloading free font and in my haste used some fancy distressed industrial looking with that a the pieces off i went handed the work in was done. ..Relief
Only to remember that I am constantly telling my students not to try to disguise work with fancy i was prime example,

The private view came, i reluctantly went along staying a little too long in the bar opposite...But low and behold the wonder you can create with good lighting. A prime spot beautifully lit was my work looking very nice( better than expected) and this stupid crappy board so I'm avoiding all students and hoping no one notices.
And the Pencil lady has recieved my slate in the US ....Hoorah..and in one piece.

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