Sunday, March 11, 2007

I'm sooooo chuffed,

on the UK sellers are doing their bit for red nose day and we have made the front page, yes after lots of pleeding messages to admin but it's there .

My viewing went from 40 to 400 in one evening which is amazing..stoked or wha.

And it's all for "charity mate"

I'm not selling loads but it's just good to be getting out there.

Less of that.....

Had a great spring like day in the studio pottering and tidying felt abit like Mary Poppins.

finished a commision and did some of the small slates I'm experimenting with that are flying of to the far corners of the world.

The stamps we had made for Art-o-matic have come back, and there is a great text one about chrysanthemums which is names of colours and goes on about greenhouse pompoms....makes me think of cheerleading it.

Also finished my felted pants challenge for esty they will be posted on friday....until then it's all highly confidential....lets say m'gran would be proud!
Anyway here's some of this weeks stuff

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