Friday, February 23, 2007

This week has been all upsy downy,

ART-O-MATIC went well and we seem to be filling up for the next set of classes, the studio has never been so tidy.

F is getting better, but due to his snottyness i've been having to go out in the evenings to do the work to put in to the Beecroft. So this is my first night in.

Working on smaller slate bits to go on to etsy, but I'm carring out a shipping survival test, trying lots of varieties of packing to lots of far flung places.Really hope it works and the people like their slates.

I'm finishing the 2 large peices that have got the steel strips, which i'm pleased with but rusty metal cuts to fingers not good( I'm tetnused up).

I'm happy with the type of line in the batik,(thats the resist used on the leaf)but not so with the arrangement, the lines end abit blobby.

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