Thursday, February 08, 2007

Wow wee cavey What a week, first my arms went tingly when I bought this absolutely dogs belt from radcow on etsy, not being young enough or unfortunately rock chic enough for a cuff .I asked her to do me a belt and I'm so buzzing with the result and shes one top bird to boot.. Thanks Iris Then sunday studio ALL day what bliss, 5 metre Peter the skull came into being with his smaller twin 2 metre Peter, I made them as try outs, for an etsy swap, sold the spare over night..... result. Art-o-matic is up and running so much to do so little time. Half term next week concentrating on Beecroft exhibition.... thinking big coroded circles on slate with resisted edges. Been to see my metal guy (not a robot)metal man as in someone who sells metal... give me food for thought. And on the same line doing workshop on edible sculpture got Mr potatoe head in my brain should be fun. Then I will breath and hopefully... sleep...aahhhh

1 comment:

tina said...

love that belt!! must. have.

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