Sunday, June 12, 2011

This week I've achieved or at least at the moment I think I have, only time may have an alternative view on things.
After deceiving my son about the actual day of his birthday- in my defence he has only just worked out what days are in a week let alone the order that they come in. I denied him even further by bucking the party bag trend, something which gave me a massive sense of achievement and entertainment as a group of 5yr old boys left kids kingdom with bandito style tashs instead of the obligitory plastic crap.
After days possibly weeks of apprehension I took part in Pecha Kucha#8 in Southend where I fought against my nerves a set continually moving of images that lay my soul open to any arts interested party that cared to view. I hit the mark with each slide and bit my tongue to prevent the usual prattle that can emerge from an uncomfortable mouth.
Wether good or bad I'm not sure, lots of positive comments, the constructive would probably give me a better insight.
But it was one of those character building things my mum goes on about.....and yes mother I feel stronger.

1 comment:

makemeadiva said...

Strengths: letting your work speak for itself in all its glory

Areas for development: Include Mason with the Bandito tash image (next time)

It's a tough gig lady and you nailed it. I haven't come up with one constructive crit, and I have thought about it!

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