Monday, June 21, 2010

Gosh it's been a busy old few weeks,
quite frankly i'm shattered, absolutely bloody knackered.
Leigh art trail went very well and the studio rent is paid for a while
East's exhibition pieces selected , and then sold-shit now need to do some more
Students show looked good, regardless of the moany people that are never satisfied.
Yvonne Pedretti's retrospective -it was brilliant to see a lifetime of work in one place
I miss her so much,every day something is not quite right and i then remember
I did a speech and didn't cry, which is always a bonus
I found out about secret lives, and the most beautiful images ever.
So i think I'm closing a door, and starting down a new road lets hope it's a little less bumpy
thankyou everyone that came to my rescue.

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