Thursday, March 04, 2010

My day in the park and an encounter with a boy offering cheese

Today is thursday, it's my day off.
so in an attempt to entertain a 3yr old we went to the park.
There was a young boy in the park and this is how the conversation went............

"Do you want some cheese" he said
"No thanks"
"Does he" pointing to my youngest
"No I don't think so ta"
"Have you been to the new Aldi yet?"
"They are giving stuff away outside"
"Why aren't you at school?"
"I wanted to go to Aldi's"
"Was it worth it?"
"I bought this cheese "
"Is it good"
"I'm ment to be in French but I got the bus"
"I've got muddy shoes now I'll have to go home to change the last time i went to school with muddy shoes they knew I'd been the park."
"Go back to school you might learn something interesting"
I saw him later going back into Aldi

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makemeadiva said...

More cheese Grommit?

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