Sunday, May 06, 2007

Get this.......

Ive been working on alot this includes

Trying to find more unusual facts to tell about.

Trying to remember an incident, where the cat left a dead mouse in my brothers shoe,

Wondering if my imagination is running away with me,

Getting the right sized space for a electric wheelchair to do a 3 point turn in.

Drilling big holes in pieces of slate,

Creating long thin bits of rusty metal,

Creating marketing stratergies to persaude people they want rusty metal on their walls,

Running the moment my 3 yr old runs faster than me.

Stopping myself going dizzy when i look at the stunningness of this necklace


Honeybeedz said...

I like these - unusual and eyecatching.
But then I do already have two of Reform's fantastic hearts in my possession.
Saving up for more!!!

Sakura Fubuki Designs said...
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Sakura Fubuki Designs said...

I really love those finishes they are gorgeous. I have been lusting after the "Gold slate 4 emma" piece on your flickr!! :D

tricia said...

Cheers these are for the Leigh art trail 9th june-15th june..if any one fancies a day trip to the sea side from london

Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...

Fun finishes - and the neclace is stunning.

Anonymous said...

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