Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I feel like i may be alive....

look at this for some kind of heaven...well in the summer anyway.It was brilliant watching Mason doing his Forest Gump impression.

I got all Tom and Barbara, wanting to keep goats and grow butternut squash. Til D told me that she didn't have water and electric for 10 ....yes ...10 years ...the shine then dissapeared.

This week I have

Lost a black torch in a power cut,

Come up with an idea for glow in the dark torches.

Made 3 books,

Made 6 pointless hearts,

Put together some really inspirational bags of stuff that i don't want to sell,

Recieved a beautiful surprise sculpture from this weeks top bird.

Eaten more chocolate than is technically good for me.

Got all breathless over old slate, wood and flagstones.

Cleaned poo out of a bath full of water.

Been told off for not sending thankyou cards,

Compared to other members of my boyfriends family .

Joined a brilliant Flickr group - rusty and crusty.

Poured chemicals over gold leaf on slate,

And been sick on again.

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