Sunday, March 25, 2007

I have dissappearing toolbars.

Cor you just don't know how pleased i am to be back on it again, it means i can dump all this absolute, good for no one but me rubbish that whizzes about the brain box in my head.

Firstly good news...... I was ambling around etsy as i do most days I known i really should be more effective with my time when i happened upon a small treasury box and i typed in Flippin eck... why? i'm sure i could have put in something cooler but hey.

pick some of the best of m'favourites and by buggery if it didn't make front page. A very nice ego boost if i say so my self.

So that was GOOD.


I nearly forgot the UK etsy Pants challenge here's my entry... it was brilliant.. check out the UK etsy sellers blog for the full details.....PANTastic

P is away in Vegas playing pretend golf.... mmmmm ... but he's happy. Kids are missing him loads.

I'm desperately trying to eeeck out time to work on stuff for the Art trail and Etsy, but there just don't seems to have enough hours in the day to do the stuff and it's really bloody annoying....

Dads brought me some bog oak to cut up hopefully t make some outdoor stuff for the art trail... just need a big drill bit then I'm away.... hols soon so I can see big lists appearing.

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