Thursday, December 28, 2006

I enjoy the run up but it never quite lives up to the expectations. Sometimes chocolate cake is better to look at than taste, kinda how christmas is for me.

Any how onwards and upwards and sideways,

I've got a bit of a 1930's vibe going on at the moments bought some cool stuff and seen some even cooler stuff which i can just sit and quitely covet,

I think this may have abit of an influence on my work,( no one else may be able to see it) got a book on art deco book binding which is filling my brain ( how sad my life is)

Any way I've got full day in the studio tomorrow and Tuesday which should give me abit of a kick start. Need to start thinking of whats to be submitted to the beecroft exhibition, they're looking for recent stuff and Sketchbooks, mine which will be finished but may need it so may finish my Czech book just needs somework on the bindings.

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