Thursday, December 21, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

I 've come to a conclusion that too many artist have too much time to think let alone spoil the broth,

had a great day at spitalfields and came back just buzzing with ideas and inspiration,

There was lots of deja vu of clothes but some really nice little gem hidden in the heaving masses.

Working on my sketchbook like a mad women but a bit dissapointed when it was scanned as there wasn't the continuity and flow that i'd expected and the scanning seemed to bring that out for me. ho hum

Thinking alot about the outdoor possibilities and trying to come up with solutions to stop the wind pulling on the weakest points also think I need a focus and on the brink of some of the Bauhaus imagery and shapes, we'll see........

Next home for Christmas and the need for a bigger car

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