Monday, February 14, 2011

We moan and groan...well I do at times
and sometimes what is required is to just take a step back and reflect
a chance to pause
and listen to the quiet
Just lately my life has been twisted and tilted a little
a close friend dying and now being single after 13yrs..... yes I said 13yrs (it could be 14, I'm not really sure...I was probably busy at the time)
Throughout this I felt like I can cope, with whatever
I've always got that creative element that pre occupies and in truth probably dominates or shields my brain.
Maybe it's selfish .....I don't know...
I read this Blog Belle of the bald and was amazed at the power of that creative gene
Maya is a talented ex student of mine, and a wonderful example of the sheer compelling power of doing,.....the need to be creative .... to make stuff.
I find the energy and commitment to this creative outlet an astounding and powerful thing.
the distraction of my tilts and shifts fade away


Maya Lund said...

Thank you so much for putting me on your blog!!!! I'm so pleased you like it!!! I'll be keeping up with yours too!

Maya Lund said...

Hey Tricia thank you so much for putting me on your blog. That is really fantastic! See you at college! M

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