Thursday, May 06, 2010

Arrestatie Emmeline Pankhurst / Emmeline Pankhurst being arrested

I've been thinking about politics and what it represents today, The loaded messages and the influence of the media.
I've been brought up in a strong northern family and seen the devastation of Maggie Thatcher on communities,remembering the "Coal not Dole" stickers on our school lockerdoors.
I'm slightly jaded by the twoing and frowing of the political parties.But I need to focus, recount the number of women that weren't in the position I am today.
Look to the unjust and the groups that will feed upon the tired and weary within our society.
We need to stand up and be counted if only to show those that would put people down, that the many women that protested years ago and felt that need to be recognised were not only fighting for the female race, but for the right to be significant.
Use the power to influence


yumptatious said...

Hear hear! Fantastic post: we owe it to those women that fought so hard to use our vote and use it well.

Jane said...

Perfect sentiment.
I grew up in a lefty family and was a student in the 80s, joining pressure groups and marching against Thatcher. I find it ridiculous that some people are so apathetic about using their vote

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