Monday, February 15, 2010

I like the unexpected and will bend and twist to go with the flow,
But was slightly wierded out by the coincidence of looking through
2 pages in to find this embroidery the only one in English and about where I live.
Someone ment for me to see it and for that I'm grateful if a little spooked


l'ambuleuse said...

Many thanks for your nice posts about la "mercerie ambulante".

Ten years ago, Sylvia, who lived in France and was interested in my work, wrote me, in English, this story and gave me several of the handkerchieves found by Rose Isabel on the beach about where you live. So, I wrote the story on one of her handkerchieves.

Do please, excuse my bad english.

I'll come back soon and visit again your very interesting site.

l'ambuleuse, mfd

makemeadiva said...

Ahh this is beautiful!

T'was meant to be - it was written on a hankie x

Re:form said...

Please visit...come for tea.

This or you has given me some focus/inspiration.

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