Friday, September 11, 2009

Susie is 86 years old And as sharp as they come, Was told not to giggle as they passed the unexploded bomb, Had a coat made from blackmarket forces blankets, it was grey/blue and thin, a blanket from a submarine. The Germans always missed the railway and hit her house, The air raid wardens said the bomb blast had taken the stairs carpet, It was strange how it had managed to put the stair rods back tho'. She saw Glen Miller with a GI but didn't get Nylons. She went bare legged in the courts, and knew a Titanic surviver. And got excited in the air raid shelter over a bun with currents, and sat on a bus with a brown paperbag, inside was a live eel, for her mother-in-laws stomache


SallyF said...

I love Susie. I worry that one day soon we won't have all these stories any more, I wish I could capture them all in jars and tins, scoop them up and shuffle them tightly crammed into pots and tie bows around, pepper them with lables and every now and then, gently life the lid and listen to the words quietly seep out. Susie, thank you for sharing your story.

Siobhian Carroll said...

These little stories are brilliant.
I love them.
Will you be doing more?

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