Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last night I couldn't sleep I was wittling about My car braking down and ending up in the central reservation of the M25 with 2 kids and a giant greyhound. Being too lively when I teach Being too dominant, Finding work to hang in the new college gallery space, That my favourite shoes have died and what will I do about getting some new ones. That I have a box of tomatoes that need cooking, Understanding the targets and the jargon form work, Finding people for selection committees That the place I'm going to to buy vintage clothes may have been burned to the ground. You'll be pleased to know in the clarity of daylight all this has dissapeared to a slight nag in the bottom of my stomache, until the next night .......


Ren said...

I totally understand. Sometimes I'm awake for hours, worrying about files being in the wrong folder on my computer--or squash that still needs to be cooked--or whether or where the location of a particular CD or post-in note is.

You sound like a very vibrant, interesting person. :-) I'm sure your classes are a joy to take.

SallyF said...

oh crikey, I used to do that, but since having a child I'm absolutely too bushed to stay awake longer than is absolutely necessary. Would you like to borrow him?! Meanwhile your energy is a wonderful thing, you are not dominant you are clear and strong. And now I am worried the vintage clothes place will burn to the ground too! And I am happy to help translate any jargon you may be struggling with. I specialise in jargon!

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