Thursday, July 30, 2009

My creation, originally uploaded by reform.

Part of the Best Dress oral history project

Lottie and her best dresses,

Born in dec 1912

She saw a zepplin in World War 1

She sold cockles at 14 so she could look at the boys,

Her family were from Stepney and liked a drink.

She danced up Southend high street and even the end of the pier,

She ate pigs trotters in the cinema.

she wore her sunday best on her wedding day.

Her favourite dress was Blue.


siansburys said...

Would love to see more of this project :D

Kala said...

this is fabulous!

Re:form said...

Thankyou she is brilliant

mojiver said...

Great stuff - really brings teh pics to life.

More please!

Sakura said...

Wow this is such a fantastic project really really interesting :D

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