Monday, April 14, 2008

I love this bit of the A1 it takes me home and I can never decide which lane to drive in.
I like it when it goes all dark and rainy yet its still warm.
I hate the reality of life it all works so much better in my head.

At the moment I'm really liking

Black grapes( they taste so good)
The new light in my dinning room( I can see to type)
The fact I can have a shower,
Seeing my friends,
The idea of a meccano quilt
And the fact Bunny as (Lupin Noir) and I are working on a collaboration....exciting


yumptatious said...

I know this bit off the A1 and I love it too! Its like 'Which lane shall I use: there are so many to choose from!' (I get my kicks where I can...)
I'm intrigued by your collaboration with Bunny....
This is a delicious blog, by the way :-)

tricia said...


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