Wednesday, October 31, 2007

At last

I was thinking I'd been exiled.

Right whats new

My hallway is very dusty,

we have builders in the house.

I've overdosed on meccano and
made lots of custom keyrings,
I spent the day in a blacked out caravan it was brilliant.
a giant camera obscura.

And I've been tagged by some etsyites

ok middle name is Anne
Isn't everyones

A- Alcohol- As a student I drank far too much Barley wine ( very old mans drink)

With lime and ice in an attempt to make it somehow ladylike.

( it would never happen)

N- North _ My surname was never funny until I moved down South and a northener named North tends to amuse.

N-Nits- I've never had them, but also never had long hair either.

E-Easy- I just asked my partner for describing words for me that start with an E. and thats what he said..hmmmmmm its not strictly true honest.

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