Sunday, May 20, 2007

Do check out Gilflig she's brill.

Now what have i been up to
I didn't imagine the dead mouse in my brothers shoe, he confirmed i wasn't loosing my mind.

A interesting fact ..bit late I know

My Nana got thrown out of her nursing home as they believed she was trying to slit her wrists with nail scissors.....her version.. she was trimming her bikini line.........she was 92yrs old
so many question i didn't want answering sprang to mind.

Leigh Art trail is up and running so im working like an idiot.
This week I have
Learn't I'm a "tryhard" with socialised power traits.
That i am prone to be reactive, rebellious, and sulky.......Who me!!!!
Been woken up at 5.20 cos Mason can make a diamond shape with his fingers.
Been pimped to the hilt by the tag team of the Wonderful Nonsuch and the Fabulous Askey
Drilled lots of holes in metal andthen covered it in varnish
Cut down a big slate piece to make six small bits.
Spent too long looking for the screws in it that i'd covered over so amazingly.
Looking For Cow Chain.

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