Thursday, January 25, 2007

I seem to be spending so much time spent at my pc rather than in the studio, need to face the facts with two small kids it has to be this way, I could take them to the studio. It may result in some interesting art pieces.

Etsy is going well made my first sale in 2 days but everyone seems so nice maybe there is a underground forum group that is there to slag you off.

Bought some bits check out for some really quirky jewellery i've bought 2 lots. And the most imaginative jewellery and sculpture they both rock....!!!!! i think I'm 17 again

Got a smashing banner see below.......

J has used some of my drawings for a stamp which is really cool, seeing someone elses take on your stuff but looks good over on the artomatic blogg.

I'm abit annoyed at who ever nipped in at the last minute and stole my meccano on ebay and this is not the first but 2nd time but i'm not gonna give in, I will win in the end.Fancy making some books.

Also trying to source some interesting packaging.... more as the trail unravels.

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Karen said...

great image! I'm all to familiar with the ol too much time @ the computer & not enough time in the studio. & kids in the studio can be a challenge! I look forward to the days when i can bring my little guy & he doesnt try to put everything in his mouth!

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